The Christian Community - Movement for Religious Renewal
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The Christian Community of Devon, PA

The Community of Christians, or Christian Community, is the worldwide movement that brings the reality and spiritual potency of the ancient Church into the age of the free individual. All seven sacraments have changed dramatically in taking on their modern form:

Our priests work toward a new way of thinking that lets them proclaim the Gospel in all its richness in a way worthy of modern, thinking man. Members determine their own beliefs and conduct their lives in keeping with personal experience. In case of need, priests can be reached night and day. All services are free of charge; we get by solely on what people freely give.

The Christian Community of Devon, PA is a primary congregation outside Philadelphia, a part of the larger North American community. In addition to our local congregation, the priests from Devon support our affliate congregations in Greater Washington-Baltimore and in Chapel Hill, NC.

Please email us at with questions, comments, or to be added to our mailing list.